Keep Your Air Conditioning Situation Prepared For Weird Weather

22 May 2017
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Whatever the cause, weather in the United States is just weird. In many parts of the country, the spring and summer have been hosts to snow flurries in the middle of a hot and humid week, while the onset of fall and winter weather is pushed back by hot days and fairly pleasant walks when snow shoes used to be required. Your air conditioning system's performance may not be up to snuff with the changing demand, and may need a change of maintenance plans to stay efficient and affordable. To understand what continuing strange weather has to do with your air conditioning unit's maintenance and future costs, here are a few installation, upgrade, repair, and maintenance points.

Switching Between Temperature Types

What many people consider a single central air conditioning system is actually the combination of a cold air conditioning system and heating system that use the same distribution ducts and vents.

To achieve a cool temperature over a certain threshold, the air conditioning system turns on until the specified temperature is reached. For warmer temperatures, the heating system is turned on until the set temperature. Some central air conditioners can be set to only work with cold air or hot air to avoid switching to both systems for an exact temperature, which can be expensive.

If your air conditioning unit is set to switch either AC or heat to maintain a specific temperature, the night can be a strange time where systems turn on and off constantly and your electrical bill skyrockets. For households used to leaving the air conditioning on to keep the home comfortable for their return, for young children, or for the elderly may discover that their daily consumption is an expensive dance of two systems fighting each other.

Bringing In New Options And Maintaining Old Ones

If weather patterns in your area are strange enough to make your heating and cooling switch on and off far more than you're used to, it's time to pull out the old and bring in the new.

Low cost solutions such as window air conditioning units, wall heating units, and portable versions of both are the easiest to solve. A home air conditioning installation professional can help you select the right devices that fit your budget and comfort needs.

That said, you need to know how your budget is best served. It's understandable if you can't afford the higher initial costs of a central home air conditioning installation, but at least ask about financing or incremental payment options. Central air can be more efficient with temperature control across an entire home, which becomes more expensive if you need to buy multiple air conditioning window units and heaters for each room.

For existing units, an installation professional can handle your seasonal maintenance and upgrades. Cleaned or new ventilation is sometimes necessary to get rid of the dust and grime that can pollute your air or burn into foul fumes in the colder months.

Contact a home air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance professional to discuss changes necessary for the strange weather patterns around these days.