Radon Testing: Frequently Asked Questions

30 May 2023
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As a homeowner and parent, you want to ensure your kids and anyone visiting your house are safe. However, while you work tirelessly to eliminate apparent dangers, radon is another hidden danger lurking. Radon is a dangerous gas that can damage a person's health if inhaled for long periods. Here is some valuable information every homeowner should know about radon testing. What Is Radon? Chances are you have heard of radon but don't exactly know any specific information about this colorless, odorless gas. Read More 

5 Things That Can Happen If A Sprinkler Repair Is Needed

7 April 2023
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A working sprinkler system is an important part of keeping lawns looking their best. Sometimes these irrigation systems fail and need to be repaired or replaced. Homeowners may not know how to tell if they have a sprinkler repair issue and continue to use their sprinklers. The following points highlight a few things homeowners might notice if they need sprinkler repair.  Significant Water Bill Spike It is normal for a household that uses sprinklers to notice a slight spike in their water bills because they are using more water. Read More 

What To Expect During A Pre-Sale Home Inspection As A Homeowner

15 February 2023
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Home inspections are designed to help buyers make informed decisions when evaluating a home for sale. However, these professional inspections can also be valuable if you intend to list your property for sale. The inspector looks at the house comprehensively, including all of its functional elements, to make sure there are no signs of potential issues that need to be addressed. While the professional is not going to state anything about what your home is worth, they can give you valuable insight into issues that could inhibit the sale. Read More 

Make Your Life Easier By Installing Gutter Guards

21 December 2022
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It is important that you keep your gutters in good condition. If you do not, this can cause a lot of problems. One thing that you can do is install gutter guards. Below is more information about this so you can contact a professional to install these guards for you.  Types of Gutter Guards One type of gutter guard you can choose is a mesh gutter guard. This gutter guard has a mesh screen that prevents debris from getting into your gutters. Read More 

Installing Quartz Countertops In Your Home

27 October 2022
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There are many different materials that may be used for kitchen countertops, but quartz can be particularly popular among homeowners. This popularity can be due to the affordable nature of quartz countertops as well as their exceptional longevity despite the wear that will occur on these kitchen surfaces. Assumption: Quartz Countertops Are Made Of A Solid Slab Of Stone A homeowner may assume that a quartz countertop will be made of a solid slab of stone. Read More