Fire Elements: Adding Some Spark To Your Outdoor Space

17 May 2017
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Why stay inside when you could lounge outside underneath a starry sky? Perhaps you've already thought of switching out the flooring of your concrete patio with brick or stone, or you've considered purchasing a new plushy outdoor sofa set. What timeless feature can you add to spark up your outdoors? Fire, of course. Not only can a fire pit keep you warm on a nippy night, it can bring your family and friends together to relax and recount old stories while toasting s'mores. The heat from a fire pit means you can stay outside even in the cooler months of fall or winter. You'll just need to decide whether you want to go with propane or gas. Here are a few comparisons to help you choose. Also, we'll consider a bonus fire feature to add add even more spark to your outdoor space.  

Portable versus Stationary

Propane fire pits are simpler to move because they have detachable propane tanks. This means you can easily change the placement of your fire pit to wherever your creative juices take you. One detachable 20-pound propane tank can burn for around 10 hours. If you go with propane, you might consider a delivery service or you might buy a few extra tanks just to have on hand. On the other hand, a natural gas fire pit is tapped into your home's gas lines. Therefore, it will take a bit more planning in order to change the location of a gas fire pit. Of course, gas won't run out so there is no need to have extra storage for tanks. 

Cost and Convenience

How often will you use your outdoor fire feature? If you will only use your fire pit a few times a year, like on special occasions, then propane might be a viable option. However, if you regularly rely on your fire pit then, gas might be the best way to go. Gas fire pits are typically less expensive and are more convenient for regular use. Also, you won't need to go out and about to find a tank at the last minute, since you'll always have fuel for your fire. Generally, it is a great idea to go with gas so you can use it as much or little as you want. However, the type you chose may depend on whether you already use propane or gas in the current heating of your home.

A Few Final Thoughts

Both gas and propane fire pits are elegant options that will add stately beauty to your outdoor space. Your choice will largely depend on how often you use the feature and the cost effectiveness and convenience that the option affords to your family. Now, here is your bonus.   

Bonus: Food for Thought

Don't let tummies rumble in your outdoor space. Consider adding an outdoor pizza oven to your patio as well. While guests are warming up to the dancing flames in your fire table, they can chew on homemade gourmet goodness that tastes better than takeout. Throw a pizza party as often as you like. Invite your closest pals, your boss, or your in-laws. Fire is an awe-inspiring element that has charmed and warmed mankind for centuries. The colorful flames and tasty food made by the fire will make a magical addition to any space.     

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