Tips For Decorating Your Vacation Home With A Coastal Theme

17 May 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you have a house that is on the beach or another body of water, you may want to opt for a coastal theme for your interior decor. Unfortunately, individuals may not be sure of the steps they should be taking to ensure that they have attractive decorations inside their homes.

Expand Beyond Boat Themes

When it comes to creating a coastal theme, many people will focus almost exclusively on nautical and other boat related items. While this may provide you with acceptable results, much of the beauty from being near the water comes from nature. Therefore, you may want to reflect this in your home by incorporating elements and references to coastal plants, animals and landscape so that you create an interior decoration design that is sophisticated and classy.

Be Mindful Of The Colors You Choose

The color scheme that you choose for your coastal decor will be important. Individuals may assume that blues and whites will be all the colors that they need. However, excessive amounts of blue can cause an interior to appear dark and smaller than it actually is. While you should feel free to use blues and whites, you will want to incorporate other pastel colors so that there are highlights to brighten the rooms. In particular, you may want to consider greens, pinks oranges and reds for these highlights as these are colors that will commonly be found in coastal settings.

Appreciate The Benefits Of Minimal Designs

It can be easy for a person to want to include as many items and decorations as possible. However, this can quickly lead to the interior of the house feeling cramped, which can be particularly problematic for those that live in relatively smaller homes. As you are choosing decorations, you will want to limit yourself to sites that either serves a practical function or that will avoid taking up usable space.

Decorating the interior of your vacation home can be an important task for ensuring that you have a relaxing and attractive place to spend your vacations. However, creating a coastal theme can be more difficult than you might expect due to the need to carefully balance the various components that will be needed to execute this look. Appreciating the need to expand your decorations beyond boat themes, being mindful of the colors that you choose to use as well as the benefits of using a minimal design will allow you to create the perfect interior for your vacation house.