Building Your Own Home? Four Reasons To Choose A Ranch Floor Plan

18 May 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you're about to begin designing and building your own home, one of the first decisions you'll need to make is whether you want one story or two. While each homeowner's needs are different, ranch floor plans — which consist of only one floor — are a great choice for owners in many demographics, from families to older adults. Here are four reasons to say "yes" to a ranch design.

1. It's safer for kids and older adults.

If you have stairs in your home, you can count on your child taking a tumble down the stairs at some point. This can result in serious injuries, from broken bones to concussions. Similarly, older adults who are not quite as steady on their feet may have trouble navigating stairs safely. Since ranch homes don't have stairs, your kids will be safer. If you're an older adult, choosing a ranch floor plan will allow you to avoid having to install stair lifts or an elevator.

2. It will heat more evenly.

Many two-story homes have trouble with heat circulation. Hot air rises, so certain rooms upstairs tend to get overly warm, while other rooms downstairs stay cool. When your whole home is on one floor, the temperature stays more consistent throughout. Your HVAC technician will also have to install fewer ducts, which may save you money on your HVAC design.

3. You'll be safer in case of a fire.

Hopefully, you never have to deal with a house fire. But if you do, you have a much better chance of making it out safely if you live in a ranch home. There's no possibility of getting stuck upstairs and having to jump out a second-story window. You can usually climb out any window on a ranch home without injury, since you're so close to the ground.

4. You'll have an easier time reselling the home.

If you ever decide to put the house on the market, you'll have an easier time finding a buyer. Many people want ranches — from families with young kids to retired adults. If you build a two-story home, you'll be restricting your potential buyers to those with kids who are old enough not to fall down stairs and those who are agile enough to regularly traverse stairs themselves.

There's plenty of room to be creative with the layout of your ranch home. Talk to your building contractor to learn more about your various options.