Give Your Home A Decorative Touch With Rain Chains

19 May 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you haven't heard, many homeowners are opting for the beauty of rain chains over the more traditional downspout to remove water from the roofs of their homes. Rain chains are a Japanese innovation that make perfect sense; these dangling metallic and often adorned chains gently guide the water and disperse it down a drain or into a container, much like the downspout would do from your eaves.  

There are many reasons to utilize these largely-decorative but fully-functional rain chains on your home:

Rain chains are a pretty alternative. Why not choose a more attractive alternative that serves the same purpose as a gutter downspout? These low-hanging chains are often made of decorated metal with unique embellishments. When wet, water appears to cascade down the length of the chain.

Use rain chains year-round. Rain chains can be used year-round, though they may freeze in the winter. This creates an icy piece of art, but make sure to pay attention to the weight of the ice and the stress on your rain chains and gutter system to prevent damage.

They are easy to install. Rain chains are very easy to install; simply attach one to your existing gutter system. Remove your downspout and allow the water to meet the chain near the eaves of your roof. This also removes unsightly vertical gutter segments required with a conventional downspout.

Rain chains add an exotic touch. Rain chains are far more attractive, and therefore aren't hidden from view like gutter segments and downspouts often are. Opt for copper rain chains as they will develop a nice patina with time, giving them a weathered, vintage look.

They create less splashing. Rain chains cause less splashing than downspouts, so there is a smaller chance of water damage or leaks around your foundation. As the water cascades down the links of the chain, it loses some of the velocity and impact that water rushing from your gutter would still have.

There is a cool history behind rain chains. Rain chains have a cool history and cultural origin, as they have been used widely in Japan for hundreds of years. These are often seen on temples and homes throughout the country as an alternative to a downspout.

Rain chains serve as a distinctive water feature. Rain chains turn something functional into a unique water feature. As it transports rainwater from the troughs of your gutter to a drain or basin, the water flowing down over your chain will look like a suspended fountain. These are the perfect gift for a housewarming or wedding, too!

Consider switching out your current downspout for something a bit more sophisticated: rain chains! These decorative accents are not just mesmerizing to see in action, but fully-functional and perhaps even more pragmatic. Talk with retailers about purchasing easy-to-install rain chains for your home!