4 Reasons To Choose A Park Model Instead Of A Tiny House

23 August 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Tiny homes may be one of the latest living trends, but they've actually been available in the form of park models for many years. Park models are a hybrid of a tiny mobile home and an RV, offering more luxury than you're usual camper. If you're looking for a way to downsize without living with daily frustration, a park model is likely a better choice than a tiny home. Here's why:

Not a DIY Project

Many tiny homes are designed as projects for the new owners to assemble on their own, or at least finish the interior details to their tastes. While this can be fun, it's a time-consuming step that prevents you from immediately using your investment. Park model RVs come finished in every detail, from the installed appliances right down to the built-in furniture. If you want a second home or a mountain cabin that you could be visiting in mere weeks, a park model is a better choice than a DIY tiny house.

Experienced Builders

Since mobile tiny houses are a relatively new trend, many of the top builders in the field only have a few years of hands on experience in building these structures. Even though they might have construction and design backgrounds, it doesn't compare to real world experience in building movable structures. Park model RVs have been available for decades and are built by established RV and mobile home manufacturers, resulting in reliable quality. You can easily spend the same amount on a tiny house with hidden issues caused by the inexperience of the builder, especially if your tiny home isn't ANSI certified like all park models are.

Higher Square Footage

Tiny home owners and designers tend to focus on being able to haul the structure with a consumer truck rather than a professional hauling vehicle. This means that you're generally limited to structures of around 200 square feet. In contrast, park models tend to stick to the 400 square feet range, not counting optional lofts that add valuable space. If you're bringing along the kids or just feel like having the space for private time, a park model is the better choice.

Permanent Attachments

Dreaming of a porch to add a rocking chair or swing so you can relax during your summer vacation? Tiny homes varying in their support for attached structures, but park homes are built with permanent upgrades in mind. Since park homes are usually only towed once, they're usually built with reinforced anchor plates and other structural features to add in customization later.

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