How To Keep Your Garden In Good Condition Over The Winter Months

15 September 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Are you sad that the summer months are a thing of the past? Perhaps you are actually looking forward to a change of seasons, especially with the holidays right around the corner. You may have decided to take special precautions with your gardens as you remember frigid winters of the past. If so, from putting away seat cushions to repairing your gutter system, here awesome ideas that might help you to keep your garden in good condition over the winter months.

Make A List - Even though it might take some time, it might be a good idea to take pen and paper in hand and to actually write downtime things that you need to do.

  • For example, write down that you need to make plans for days when the weather forecast predicts freezing weather. Do you have a shed where you can put your favorite potted plants? Do you have sufficient covering for bedding plants?
  • Think about the time when you will want to bring in furniture cushions that might be damaged on days when there is inclement weather. Do you have a special place set up to place those cushions? 

Call On Professionals - As you have made your list of things that need to be done at summer's end, think of things that need to be done by professionals.

  • For example, do your gutters need to be repaired? If so, call on a gutter repair service. The workers who come to take care of the problem have the training to do the job. In addition, they will have special equipment to make your gutters look new. Just as important, the workers can make sure that they're clean of debris and ready for new use.
  • Do you have wrought iron patio furniture that needs to be repaired? Does your deck need repairs? These months when your gardens are probably not being used as much as they were used during the summer months are a good time to get professionals to make things look their best.

Think of making an inventory of things you put away so that you'll remember where they are when you need them next summer. For example, if you put the furniture cushions in your storage shed, write that down. Another good idea is to write down which plants thrived in your gardens. By doing so you'll know which ones to select for next summer.