3 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Water Softener

15 November 2017
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A water softener helps removed minerals from your water that make your water 'hard'. Although a water softener can operate without a lot of assistance for you, your water softener will last a lot longer if you take care of it. A well taken care of water softener can last a couple of decades with a little maintenance. Inspect your water softener a couple of times a year, and 

#1 Get Rid Of Salt Bridges

Keep an eye on the salt levels inside of your water softener. If your water softener seems to not be using as much salt to soften your water as it used to, the issue may be a salt bridge. A salt bridge is a hard crust that develops on top of the salt that gives the false impression that your tank is not using up salt. This salt bridge creates a hard crust the impedes the use of salt within your water softener. Use something solid and thin to break up the salt inside of your brine tank. More than likely, you'll see the "top" of the salt collapse as you break up the hard crust and reveal the hollow cavern under the hard crust. This will allow your water softener to start consuming salt correctly again.

#2 Refill With Salt At The Right Time

You need to keep salt in your water softener in order for it to remove the minerals from your water that make it hard. However, for your water softener to work optimally, you need to be careful about when you add salt to your water softener. You want to add salt to your water softener when it is almost empty. When you add salt, remember you don't want to fill your water softener up all the way to the top with salt, you want to fill it to the fill line on your water softener. Refilling your water softener too often or putting too much salt in your water softener can contribute to the formation of salt bridges. 

#3 Clean Your Resin Beds

AT least twice a year, you should clean your brine tubs. Keeping your resin beds clean will help your resin beds properly remove minerals from your water. Cleaning your resin beds by adding a resin bed cleaner to your brine tanks, and let the cleaner do the rest. This simple tasks will help your resin beds to continue to effectively remove minerals for a longer period of time.