The Efficiency And Flexibility Of Gas Inserts

19 June 2018
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Many people are electing to install gas inserts in their houses. Many households who have wood burning fireplaces are choosing to fit them with gas inserts. As many of these families see it, they are not losing any of the beauty that comes with wood burning fireplaces. On the contrary, they are gaining flexibility and efficiency. Gas inserts come in different sizes, which makes it easier for a person to find one that will fit in their existing fireplace.

The Advantages of Gas Fireplace Inserts 

People are installing gas inserts in their houses because they are more efficient than wood-burning fireplaces. Gas inserts will not break your back trying to split, stack, and haul the wood needed for wood burning fireplaces. For many people, it may be difficult, and perhaps impossible due to medical reasons to carry stacks of wood inside the house continuously. It may also be difficult to clean the ashes in a wood burning fireplace. A gas insert can be operated through a switch on the wall, and/or a remote. The remote allows the user to manage the heat output in the room. Up to seventy percent and even more of the heat can be lost with wood burning fireplaces.

Different from wood burning fireplaces, gas inserts can disperse heat equally in the room. Gas inserts have blowers, which disperse the heat equally. Furthermore, the metallic insert casing and the ceramic logs retain heat keeping a room warmer for longer. Gas inserts need either natural gas or propane to operate. Natural gas and propane have fewer pollutants than wood-burning fireplaces. In general, gas inserts have a cleaner burn. Homeowners also save money by not needing to clean a chimney.

Gas inserts come with different features. You can choose to have one that has an electronic ignition, or one with a pilot light. Moreover, there are gas inserts that are vented, and gas inserts that are vent free. Make sure to speak with a specialist about which option is more suitable for you. Gas insert specialists will inform you if a vent free gas insert is allowed in your state as in some states vent free gas inserts are prohibited. Some gas inserts can have oxygen depletion sensors that can react to the levels of the oxygen in the room.

Another advantage of gas inserts is that they can be installed in different rooms in your house. They are not restricted to certain rooms. Some people even install them in their bathrooms.

Gas inserts can be customized to resemble wood burning fireplaces. Many features can be added to your gas insert. They can have ceramic logs that resemble wood logs. Your gas insert can have a mantel and tapered chimney to add to the traditional look of wood-burning fireplaces. Different types of surrounds, trims, and trivets can be added to your gas insert.

Recommendations for Gas Fireplace Inserts

It is recommended that gas inserts are installed by professionals. Certified technicians are trained and experienced in installing gas inserts. Many of the newer gas inserts come with features such as wall thermostats, and other digital options that will require certified technicians to install them properly. If you choose a vented unit, rather than one that is vent free, you may need technicians to install the vents properly.

Technicians can also visit your house periodically to check and maintain gas inserts. Regular maintenance of your gas inserts will extend its life. In addition, regular maintenance will identify any issues associated with them.