Can You Fix Mold Damage Yourself?

26 July 2018
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When left unchecked, mold can cause a lot of damage in your home, and it can even contribute to health complications. When you notice signs of mold growth in any part of your home, you should do whatever it takes to remove it.

However, removing mold isn't as simple as scrubbing a few stained surfaces. Mold can spread easily if not cleaned correctly. Additionally, unless all the mold is removed, you can expect the mold to show up again. Is removing mold from your home something you can do on your own?

What Is Needed to Remove Mold?

To get rid of mold, you'll need protective gear and substances that are specifically made to kill mold. Protective gear, such as a face mask or respirator, is necessary since exposure to mold might lead to respiratory problems even in the short-term. Your arms and legs will need to be covered as well.

You'll need to thoroughly clean any surface that has signs of mold growth. If the area affected by mold is dry, you should spray it lightly with water to keep the mold from rising while you clean. You should also seal any openings to keep the mold from spreading to other parts of the house.

Complications of Mold Removal

There are several factors that can make mold removal much more difficult. These include:

Identifying the extent of the damage: Mold may spread to areas that are not visible or easily accessible to you.

Some things can't be cleaned: Materials that are porous or absorbent can rarely be cleaned properly. Carpets, ceiling tiles, and even floorboards often have to be removed and disposed of.

Correcting the cause: Perhaps even more important than getting rid of the mold is eliminating the conditions that favored the growth of the mold to start with. If the cause was a plumbing leakage, the job will be more complicated.

Should You Fix Mold Damage On Your Own?

Although you can probably fix mold damage by yourself, you probably shouldn't. There are many things you could easily get wrong in the process. For starters, you may not have the skills or tools to identify the extent of the problem properly.

It's also much harder to avoid spreading mold to other rooms while you clean or dispose of items affected by mold. Your best bet in such cases is a company that offers professional mold remediation services. This ensures the problem is expertly handled.

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