Steps to Take in Your Home When You Have Severe Allergies

11 September 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Having severe allergies can make you feel perpetually uncomfortable and even miserable. People with severe allergies often have both indoor and outdoor allergies that plague them all year round. If you struggle with severe allergies, you may wonder what you can do to get relief from those allergies. One of the main areas you will want to focus on is your home. Your home should be as much of an oasis from allergens as possible, making it the one place where you can be sure to find some comfort and relief. Here are two steps to take in your home when you have severe allergies. 

Have a Mud Room or Changing Area Right by the Door

One of the problems with allergens is that they are virtually everywhere. Whenever you leave your house, you are exposed to allergens, either in the outdoors or in any other buildings you enter while you are away from home. These allergens cling to your clothes, shoes, and hair. 

A way to help keep all those allergens from elsewhere out of most of your home is to have a mud room or changing area right by the door you come in most frequently. This area can be a designated "allergen area" where you leave your shoes and "contaminated" clothing when you come into the house.

Keep robes or some other type of temporary clothing in the area so you can then either head straight to the shower or go get uncontaminated clothing to wear around the house. If you have a laundry room right by an entrance to your home, this would be an ideal place to use in this way, as you could throw the clothes you wore out of the house directly in the wash. 

Start Using Home Air Purification Systems

Even with these front door precautions, some allergens will make their way into your home. Home air purification systems can help to deal with those stray allergens. Home air purifiers come in many sizes and strengths to help you create the ideal air quality in your home. 

It is best to have an air purifier in your bedroom, specifically. But you may also want one in the main living spaces of your home, such as the family room or living room. Be sure you get an air purifier that is rated for the size of room. An air purifier designed for a small bedroom will not sufficiently purify the air in a living room, for example. 

Another way to better purify the air in your home is to change out the standard home air filter in your HVAC system for an allergen or HEPA filter. These air filters are more dense than the standard option and are better at trapping allergens. 

Now that you know a few of the steps to take to make your home more allergen-free, you can get started making changes as soon as possible. For more information contact companies like Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC.