Tips for Putting Your Old House Up for Sale

27 February 2019
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you have an old house that you want to put on the market, you need to get it ready to sell. Even if you don't have a huge budget for repairs, just making a few improvements here and there can help your house attract buyers. Here are a few tips for putting your old house up for sale. 

1. Refinish the old hardwood floors. 

Does your house have some beautiful hardwood floors? If these are hidden under the carpet, pull the carpeting up and refinish the floors. Old wood floors are very appealing to buyers, and the new finish will highlight their beauty. People might overlook a house with wood floors that look beaten up and dirty or pass over a house that has dingy carpet. However, the shine of newly finished floors will show the charm that your older home has to offer. Contact a professional hardwood floor refinishing company like Kenton Carpet Care for more information.

2. Make sure you can open all the windows. 

Sometimes, old homes have old windows. If you can't replace these window with new window, you need to make sure the windows are still functional. Some people paint over the windows, which seals them shut. Some people seal them closed with silicon or other glue to try and improve energy efficiency. However, these do not improve energy efficiency very much, and they make it hard to use the windows as intended. If buyers have FHA or VA loan requirements, windows that open will be on the list of repairs you have to make anyway. Make sure the windows open. 

3. Clear away clutter in small spaces.

Old houses can sometimes have divided floor plans. Each room is defined with doors and walls. Buyers like to see open floor plans, so you need to do your best to highlight the positives in each space. Clear clutter off the kitchen counter. Remove items like your microwave, toaster, or mixer that take up needed counter space in a small kitchen. Remove knickknacks and even large pieces of furniture so that each room looks spacious and open.  

4. Clean out the closets.

Old houses can also have small closets in the bedrooms. If this is the case, empty the closets completely, or organize them so that there appears to be more space around items. If the closets are packed full, people get the impression that your home has no space for a normal family's storage needs.