Add Comfort, Privacy, And Functionality To A Small Residential Rental

30 May 2019
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Upon viewing a small, one-bedroom apartment that you can afford, you may be turned off by the lack of space and the fact that the unit is facing a busy road that is frequented by a large volume of motorists and pedestrians. Don't turn down the rental, based upon your initial perceptions. As long as the space is relatively clean, damage-free, and pest-free, you can add some basic upgrades to turn the space into a comfortable, private, and functional residence.

Know What You Can And Cannot Do

The changes that you make should not be permanent unless they are something basic that would improve the living space and be deemed appropriate by future tenants. This could include things like fresh paint, new fixtures, caulking, and weatherstripping. You should, however, check with the landlord of the apartment building before you complete any upgrades.

The owner may offer maintenance services with each rental and things that need to be performed, due to wear and tear, may be included with your rental price. It is also a wise move to know what is allowable in the building.

If painting the walls with a custom color of paint or using hardware to secure paintings to various walls is not allowed, then you will need to use alternate materials to make upgrades. Self-adhesive graphics or picture hanging kits could be used instead and these materials will not make any permanent changes to the unit's interior. 

Use A Divider, Curtains, And Under-Counter Storage

Take measurements of each room so that you can determine how many furnishings will fit inside of the space. You can downsize if necessary, when it comes to your bed, dining room table, living room suite, or end tables. Small pieces will not overpower any of the rooms and will allow space for your other possessions.

Install a shelving unit or portable screen inside of the kitchen/dining room combo. This addition will provide a private area to prepare meals and wash dishes and a separate one that can be used to enjoy quiet dinners. If you choose to install a shelving unit and it contains shelves that can be viewed from either side of the divider, display floral bouquets, fancy urns, or colorful statues on each shelf to add a pop of color to your living space.

A small room can look messy if there are a lot of items inside of it. Store as much as possible inside of closets or use under counter storage solutions. Hang neutral-colored curtains over each window and use a portable fountain or fan to provide white noise if the sounds from outside are distracting from time to time. 

Reach out to an agency such as Littletown Realty LLC to learn more about the possibilities of one-bedroom apartments for rent.