3 Ways To Keep Your Air Conditioner In Great Shape

27 August 2019
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A working air conditioner is a must to keep your home comfortable during the hottest parts of the year throughout much of the country. However, when it comes to your air conditioning system, you may not give it much thought until it stops working. The good news is that there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your system works when temperatures start to rise. Here are three ways to keep your home's air conditioning system working as well as possible.

Change Your Filter

One of the things that you can do as a homeowner to ensure that your air conditioner continues to cool your home is to check and change the filter on a regular basis. The filter plays a key role in reducing allergens and keeping your system dust-free. A clogged and dirty filter can lower efficiency and even increase your system's energy consumption. How often you need to change your filter will depend on the system you have in place and how much dust and allergens accumulates in your home. For most systems, you will need to replace the filter anywhere from once per month to once every six months.

Get Your AC Serviced

When it comes to keeping your system working as well as possible, regular AC services from a professional are a must. While changing the filter is key, there's more to maintenance than just that. Professional AC services involve thoroughly cleaning your system, combing the coil fins, unclogging drains, and cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils. These annual AC services typically cost between $100 and $150 per year for an annual contract. This type of maintenance is key for keeping your system working as well as possible and also for preventing the need for major repairs down the line.

Get Repairs Done ASAP

If you want to ensure that your system works as well as possible, it's important that you have any needed AC repairs done as soon as possible. Even with well-maintained systems, AC repairs will eventually be needed. It's important to not put off these repairs and to have them done quickly. The cost of AC repair can vary depending on your system and what components require repair. On average, you can expect to pay between $164 and $549 for AC repair.

A working air conditioner is a must when temperatures get steamy. The good news is there are few ways to ensure that your system stays in great shape. First, changing filters regularly is a must. AC services performed by a professional will also ensure that your system continues to work as well as possible. If your system is in need of repair, getting those repairs as soon as possible will help ensure that your system stays in great shape.