Home Gutter Maintenance Tips For Your Exterior Drainage System

14 September 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Drainage of rainfall and snowmelt from your home roof and around your home exterior is essential for keeping your home protected against water intrusion and the resulting mold and mildew growth. And your home gutter system needs to have the capacity to handle the amount of runoff and to not backup or overflow and cause home damage. Here are some recommendations for you to complete on your home gutter system to keep it a well-working system.

Update Your Home Gutters

When your home's gutters get older, they begin to corrode and weather from the sun's UV rays and moisture present in the environment. This will cause your gutter to rust and crack, resulting in holes and gaps in the exterior of the gutters. When your gutters age they also pull away from your roof's edge and sag in areas. Roof gutters need to be installed level with a slight decline to promote water drainage into the downspout.

When you install new gutters, you can update their appearance on your home's exterior along with their capacity to hold water. Your gutter installation professional can evaluate your roof for rain runoff to make sure your gutters are large enough and the downspouts are wide enough to hold all the rainfall. They will also ensure you have the right downspout extenders and splash blocks to prevent soil erosion.

You may also look into adding a gutter guard protection on your gutters to keep out debris and keep them from clogging. There are several styles and types of gutter guards, so talk to your gutter installation professional for options and recommendations.

Maintain Your Gutters

Once you have a new gutter system installed on your home, you will want to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. To do this you need to clean it out on a regular basis if you do not have gutter guards installed. Debris from nearby trees and vegetation can add to a build-up inside your gutters and decrease their capacity along with adding additional weight. Over time, this weight will cause your gutters to pull away from your home and to corrode along with push water back up onto your roof where it will cause moisture damage to the shingles.

Contact a gutter company for regular gutter cleaning services or complete the cleaning yourself by safely accessing your roof's edge. This will remove the build-up within the gutter and promote full gutter drainage.