When To Call The Exterminator: Signs Of A Mouse Infestation

30 December 2020
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Dealing with a mouse infestation may make some homeowners feel hopeless. With the threat of mice comes the introduction of disease and destruction. Luckily, through mice control services, exterminations can be performed to completely eradicate mice populations and prevent future infestations from occurring. While these services are available, many homeowners may question if they even have an infestation. Here are a few ways evidence of a mouse infestation may present itself. 

When it comes to a mouse infestation, evidence may present itself in a variety of ways. Droppings are the obvious telltale sign that rodents may have made themselves at home. As these droppings can carry bacteria and diseases, great care should be taken to not touch them with bare hands and rather dispose of them in a sanitary and safe way. Scratch and teeth marks can also indicate a mouse infestation as areas that contain any type of food are especially prone to mice who wish to feed. Since mice may make nests using softer materials such as cotton or batting, consideration should be made towards areas that otherwise do not contain these components and seem out of place. The scuttling of feet or scratching within walls also usually indicate an infestation and should never be ignored. 

Where there are no immediate signs of a mouse infestation, consideration should still be made in certain circumstances. Older buildings can often attract rodents while the usual hiding places are well out of sight for the owners. Checking in areas such as attics and basements regularly can help eliminate any doubt as to whether there is a mouse infestation. For homes that do require an extermination service, sooner is always better than later. It is helpful for the owner to bear in mind that though the infestation may seem small, mice can multiply at alarming rates, and an out-of-control infestation may soon be underway. Requesting mice control services at the first sighting or finding of evidence can quickly and effectively rid the home of these rodents. 

While some cases of evidence are more clearly seen than others, a mouse infestation will make itself known in one way or another. Whether through physical evidence such as droppings, marks, or the sound of scuttles or through the owner's hunch that something is amiss, mice extermination services are always the smart way to go. Soon enough, the threat of these rodents will be eliminated, further protecting the home and its residents from harm and disease. The homeowner will be able to have peace of mind that their home is fully protected and guarded against harm. 

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