Flooring Options That Are Easy To Install by Yourself

6 July 2021
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If your home needs new floors, and you want to install them yourself, you may be looking at types of flooring that are easy to install. You can save money by installing your own floors, but putting in carpet or laying tiles is often too difficult for DIY projects. Here are types of flooring easy to install by yourself.

Loose Lay Floors

Loose lay flooring is easy to install because you don't have to use grout or adhesive. However, you'll still need tools to cut the flooring to size, but that can often be done with a utility knife. Luxury vinyl planks are available for loose lay installation. These have backing that grips the floor so the planks stay in place. All you have to do is place them on the floor and cut the ends to fit between the walls.

You can also choose sheet vinyl that's loose lay. It's made so the material rolls out flat and stays flat on the floor. Other types of sheet vinyl curl back up, so be sure the label says the flooring is suitable for loose lay installation when you buy it.

Some carpet tiles can be installed using the loose lay method. Sometimes, the ability to loose lay a floor depends on the size of the room. You can install loose lay floors best in smaller rooms since the walls are closer and they keep the flooring in place.

Peel-And-Stick Floors

Some types of flooring, including vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl, and carpet tiles come with peel-and-stick backing. Installation involves peeling off the backing and pressing the tile or plank to your cleaned floor. The adhesive is pretty strong so be sure the tile goes where you want it or you might have difficulty peeling the tile back off the floor to move it.

Floating Floors

Floating floors are usually planks that click together rather than attach to the floor. You'll find luxury vinyl planks, laminate, bamboo, and engineered wood planks made to float above the floor. Vinyl is the easiest to work with since it can be cut easily. You'll need a saw to cut wood, bamboo, or laminate.

You can also find carpet tiles and rubber tiles that fit together like puzzle pieces so they're held in place. This eliminates the need to stick the tiles to the floor permanently.

These options for flooring that's easy to install differ in quality and prices. You can find high-quality carpet tiles and high-end luxury vinyl, or you can go with budget tiles instead. Some options are even suitable for rental homes since they don't use adhesive and the floor can be taken up when you move out.

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