Rejuvenating The Appearance Of Your Wood Floors With Refinishing

28 February 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


After years of use, your hardwood flooring can suffer significant wear that may severely compromise its overall appearance. In these situations, it can often be possible to revitalize the appearance of the flooring through the refinishing process. Luckily, hiring professional hardwood floor refinishing services can offer a range of services to help make this process as convenient and easy as possible for homeowners.

Assessing Whether The Flooring Can Be Successfully Refinished

Before starting the process of refinishing the floors, a contractor will need to take the time to assess the overall condition of the flooring to determine whether it can support the strain that refinishing will place on it. More specifically, this process will require the surface of the wood to be sanded away, and if the wood flooring is too thin or otherwise compromised, it may not be able to withstand this process. A wood flooring refinishing contractor will conduct a thorough assessment to determine whether or not the floors can withstand the refinishing process as well as whether this is likely to correct the stains or other cosmetic issues with the flooring.

Managing The Dust That The Refinishing Work Creates

Throughout the process of sanding away the surface of the wood floor, there will be extremely large amounts of dust that will be produced. Without the right equipment and preparation work, this dust could easily be scattered throughout the interior of the home. A professional refinishing service will spend a considerable amount of effort sealing the area that is having the floors refinished so that the dust will be unable to spread to other areas of the home through the ducting or other paths. Additionally, the equipment can help to suction much of this dust as it is being produced. These benefits can be instrumental in reducing the amount of cleanup that the homeowner will have to do once the refinishing work has been completed.

Evenly Applying The Stain To The Hardwood

After the sanding work has been finished, the hardwood will need to be stained. This will provide it with a rich color. The staining will produce fairly pungent odors, and good ventilation will be needed to dissipate these smells and to allow the staining to cure as quickly as possible. During the curing time, you should avoid walking on the floors as this may cause footprints to be left behind, but the entire drying process should only take a few days. Also, the odor will rapidly dissipate once this process has finished.