What To Expect During A Pre-Sale Home Inspection As A Homeowner

15 February 2023
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Home inspections are designed to help buyers make informed decisions when evaluating a home for sale. However, these professional inspections can also be valuable if you intend to list your property for sale. The inspector looks at the house comprehensively, including all of its functional elements, to make sure there are no signs of potential issues that need to be addressed. While the professional is not going to state anything about what your home is worth, they can give you valuable insight into issues that could inhibit the sale. Take a look at a few things you can expect to take place during a pre-sale home inspection. 

Expect the Inspection to Last a Few Hours or More  

Home inspections are lengthy processes when they are done correctly, even if your home is not that large or impressive. It can take a bit of time to inspect each element and attribute. For example, simply evaluating the roof will require the inspector to access the roof, examine the roofing materials, assess the roof fixtures, and enter the attic to look for signs of trouble from below. 

Expect the Home Inspector to Evaluate Every Aspect of the House 

The home inspection is not a brief event because there are so many functional elements that make up a structure. For this reason, there will be no area of the house that the inspector does not visit. You can anticipate the professional to go to every room, every crawlspace, every corner of the attic, and even to the garage and outlying property. A few things the inspector will be evaluating during this assessment include:

  • The integrity of the home's exterior cladding 
  • The anticipated life span of the existing roof 
  • The efficiency of the HVAC systems 
  • The condition of the plumbing and septic systems
  • The gutter systems and their functionality 

The home inspector will check each of these elements carefully, make notes, and possibly even take pictures to include in their final report. 

Expect the Home Inspector to Offer a Detailed Report

The detailed report offered after a full home inspection gives a wealth of insight into the health of the home. You will get to see a detailed breakdown of each aspect of the house, proposed or expected remaining life spans of certain elements, and even pictures that give you a visual look at the problems the inspector found.

This information can be used to get your home prepared for a property valuation before the sale to make sure you can get the most from your home. However, this detailed report can also be used as a selling point when showing the home to a prospective buyer. 

Contact a local home inspector to learn more.