5 Things That Can Happen If A Sprinkler Repair Is Needed

7 April 2023
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A working sprinkler system is an important part of keeping lawns looking their best. Sometimes these irrigation systems fail and need to be repaired or replaced. Homeowners may not know how to tell if they have a sprinkler repair issue and continue to use their sprinklers. The following points highlight a few things homeowners might notice if they need sprinkler repair. 

Significant Water Bill Spike

It is normal for a household that uses sprinklers to notice a slight spike in their water bills because they are using more water. However, if there is a significant spike and rates have not gone up, the irrigation system might be the culprit. A system that has leaks will waste water and cause bills to be higher. 

Sputtering Heads

Water should flow from sprinklers seamlessly. Sputtering heads is an issue that could be related to dirt or other debris clogging a head. It could also be a sign that a sprinkler is broken and needs to be replaced or repaired. Winter weather could have altered the original position and caused it to sputter when reactivated. This would require a sprinkler repair that puts the unit back into its original position.

Low Water Pressure

Sprinklers must have enough pressure to disperse water. Low pressure could be a sign that the affected unit has shifted out of its original position. If there is not enough pressure, a lawn cannot be watered properly. Faulty parts may also cause sprinklers to appear to have low water pressure. The various reasons for this issue make it sensible to get the irrigation system inspected and get a sprinkler repair service.

Leaking or Dripping Water

Sprinklers that leak or drip are an issue because the units are not designed to lose water. Leaks or drips will occur around the control valves. This issue can occur if there are clogs from dirt, mold, or grass. If the affected sprinkler is not clogged, homeowners should conclude that they have a sprinkler repair issue.

Uneven Watering

If the irrigation system is not watering evenly, there will be some areas of the lawn that are soaked and other areas will be dry. There might also be yellow patches of grass growing, which is indicative of overwatering. The sprinkler repair is likely to involve readjustments and determining if the unit needs to be replaced. 

An irrigation contractor is a good resource to use to determine if a sprinkler repair is needed. They can inspect the system and determine what repairs or replacements are needed. Homeowners should aim to get their irrigation systems inspected during the spring. This can help to discover flaws in the system and prevent further damage.